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Sujatha has school tomorrow. Do you like bowling? He added that he didn't believe it. Right this way. Please have a seat. Your waitress will be with you in a moment. She loved him with all her heart. Her hat looked very funny. We lost sight of the man in the crowd. I have nothing to say. He looks old for his age. I'm just watching TV.
033 Bengali Movie: - He believes that there is a spy among us.
- Do you know who she is?
- Is your office fully computerised?
- She has small feet.
- The girl singing over there is my sister.
- Wow, I'm really getting fat.
- Look who's talking!
- Tom arrived late at the station.
- You may go.
- Won't you go shopping with me?
Tom is going to do something about it. Christmas is coming. That's interesting. What kind of software do you write? By the way, did you hear that Mary quit her job? Mike runs fastest in his class. Will there be anything else? Staying at home is boring. She goes to night school. Tom suggested that Ann should sell the house. Which credit cards can I use?

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